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Grounding, Strength & Courage


Hematite is a nurturing stone. It is known for taking you on a gradual path during your Spiritual evolution, without causing too much shock or stress.


Making this stone ideal for those who wish to heal through confronting their past, slowly and gently. Hematite has the ability to draw out deep-rooted traumas, also known for its great a grounding abilities.


Hematite is great for stability and protection.

Hematite | Courageous

  • Although the cleansing has been done already by us, please cleanse your 

    crystals of any energies they may have absorbed on its journey to you! 

    (loose Sage provided)


    Crystals work by absorbing energy, cleanse crystals regularly with sage (Spray or Stick).

    Every full moon you can also charge your crystals in the light of the moon energy 

  • Palm Stones

    Palm stones can be either carried around with you for assistance throughout your day or when you’re in need of some healing. Place the palm stone on the body part In need of healing or hold the palm stone crystal whilst meditating or performing healing.


    The palm stone has an amazing oval shape making it perfect to stick in a bra or slip in your pocket.

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