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What better way to start your cleansing collection than this box of cleansing treats?


This set gives you multiple cleansing experiences, from raw incense to candles we've got it covered. Enjoy this box of cleansing magic to guide you into your journey, may this set serve a great purpose and remove all energies which no longer serve you for your highest of good moving into your healing


This is great for anyone including as a gift


*Colours vary and don't always reflect the product

Jar not included***

Cleansed To The Max | Box Set

  • This box will contain the following:

    1 x 30g Abundance (raw incense)

    1 x 30g Frankincense & Myrrh

    1 x 4 Inch Sage Stick

    1 x Palo Santo

    1 pack of Handrolled Incense 


    A burning accessories kit which includes: 

    Ash catcher/ disc dish

    1x Pack of 10 Charcoal Disc

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