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Discover the harmonious blend of sacred herbs with our California White Sage and Yerba Santa combined stick.

Crafted with intention and reverence, this powerful fusion offers the cleansing and purifying properties of White Sage alongside the protective and healing energies of Yerba Santa.

Perfect for energy cleansing rituals, spiritual ceremonies, or simply infusing your space with sacredness, our combined stick invites a sense of balance, clarity, and spiritual connection.

Embrace the synergy of these revered botanicals as you create a sanctuary of peace and harmony in your home.

California White Sage and Yerba Santa | Stick 3-4 inches

  • Light one end of a Sage & Yerba Santa stick using a match or lighter until it begins to smoulder.

    Allow the flame to extinguish, leaving a steady stream of smoke.

    Hold the smudge stick at a slight angle and walk around your space, waving the smoke into corners, doorways, and areas where spiritual protection is desired.

    Visualise the smoke enveloping you in a protective shield and filling you with healing energy and inner strength.

    Once you've finished, extinguish the smudge stick in a bowl

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