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This smudge stick has double benefits. It has an earthy aroma and is packed with Dragoons Blood & Blue Sage.


This stick is great for serious energy cleansing smudging. Rid negative energies and bad spirits with this essentials packed smudge stick.


Dragons blood is best used for sage for heavy protection, blue sage or grandmother sage is used for cleansing, purification and exorcism.



Blue Sage & Dragons Blood | 7 inch Stick

  • Light one end of your stick. It will burn for several seconds then lightly blow on it until the stick begins to glow and become smoky.

    Some herbs/plant require relighting several times due to the oils they contain.

    Use a shell, ashtray or heatproof dish to catch any ash and to hold the stick, to cleanse yourself use a waving motion to send the smoke over your body, down to your feet to your head and back down to your feet again to finish. 

    To cleanse the room slightly wave the stick in the air. Begin to focus on your intent, you can sing, chant or pray whilst fanning the smoke your hand.

    Please see FAQ page for full instructions

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