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Balance, Calming & Stress Release


A calming crystal, Moonstone soothes emotions and bring the feeling of stability and inner self, reduce negative energy and introduce focused intentions.


Break cycles and repeated patterns with the moonstone by your side.


Moonstone makes an excellent crystal to support new beginnings and a change of life as it helps to overcome our fears and insecurities.


This crystal is a very grounding gemstone that can be very helpful for anyone going through a loss. During hard times of grief, people often shut down and dissociate from the world around you.


Moonstone can help bring cantering to the mind and dispel the feelings of numbness that often come from losing a loved one.


Black Moonstone | New Beginnings

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  • Although the cleansing has been done already by us, please cleanse your crystals of any energies they may have absorbed on its journey to you! (loose Sage provided)

    Crystals work by absorbing energy, cleanse crystals regularly with an energy cleansing tool of your choice (Spray, Incense or Stick).

    Every full moon you can also charge your crystals in the light of the moon energy.

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